Hi, I am Rishit Shah.

I’m glad that you want to know more about me and my fascinating articleship (on that later).

Let me first tell you the reason behind creating this blog.

Why I created this blog?


Akhir Kyon?

I am a Chartered Accountant student and currently in the final stage.

I have used Tally for more than 2 years and still using. And will use it in the future too.

In those two years, I came across many minute as well as important functions of Tally. Many a times I got stuck somewhere but there was my Principal to guide me.

As a CA. student I had the luxury of obtaining knowledge regarding Tally from my Principal, but this is not the case with everyone who wants to learn Tally.

Tally is a software which is widely used for accounting (though there are much more functions than just accounting) and there is a very large community who are using Tally but are not Chartered Accountants or CA. students.

Now, the question is, where did they learn Tally? There are thousands of institutes who are teaching Tally and they are taking fees above Rs.10,000 for teaching Tally in detail.

As against that, here at TallySchool I share my knowledge with you directly in a simple manner.

You can even ask me any question regarding Tally and I’ll be happy to personally answer all your questions. This is like a teacher available 24/7.

You must be wondering that there are many websites and videos available on the web to learn Tally.

You’re absolutely correct.

But when you visit those websites, you will notice that tonnes of advertisements start popping up. Apart from that, those websites aren’t updated with advancements in Tally.

Not only that, but these types of websites are; which I call ‘put and done’ sites. They once publish the content and forget. If you want to ask something related to the topic, you’ve to comment and wait for their answer.

From my personal experience, they never answer back. That is how they work. They just want to earn.

If you don’t trust me, just Google ‘Learn Tally’ and go to whichever website you like. Try above things and you’ll come to know what the truth is.

And last but not the least, TallySchool is the only website where I personally answer all your questions.

Here at TallySchool, whole scenario is different. There aren’t stuffed advertisements and I will for sure reply to any of your question, suggestion or feedback.

I produce content and videos with my own version of Tally. You will definitely love everything I create here.

Something about me!

As you read before, I am a Chartered Accountant student in the final stage of Chartered Accountancy.

I live in Surat which is located in Gujarat. I love reading books whatever the subject is and I like to explore new and unknown areas (this may seem a bit weird).

In fact, have a look at some amazing books that I read.

I joined CA. as usual after completing my 12th boards. That was the life changing decision for me. I didn’t know what I’ll do ahead, but I knew one thing very clear that I will work for myself and for nobody else.

I got a score 126 out of 200 in CPT which is a pretty low one as compared to my friends. But I was happy because I passed by studying just one month effectively.

Actually there is an interesting story of 12th boards result and I think it had happened with many of the students who had given boards in 2011.


Click on the image to view large.

By mistake the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board awarded me 1 mark in Gujarati subject.

You can see it in the picture here. That disturbed a lot and I did not studied for nearly 15 days before CPT.

After my dad solved the issue and got the result corrected which showed 71 marks instead of just one, I was relieved. Again I started preparing for CPT and passed. So I’m happy. 🙂

Then, came the threatening IPCC. There were nine months and seven subjects to study. I studied peacefully and gave exams for both the groups. But the peace was going to be no more.

The results were declared in August and I passed in first group but I failed to clear the second group because my total was not 150 out of 300.

I passed in every subject but my total wasn’t the 50% minimum which is required by ICAI. More badly, I had not got any exemption too.

So now, I have to give whole second group once again. I gave the exams and passed with a total of 163 marks and exemption in Advanced Accounting.

Now I’m preparing for the Grand Finale which is in May 2015 and exactly one year is left as on the date of writing this.

My fascinating Articleship


A normal person would think something like this.

After clearing both groups of IPCC (Integrated Professional Competence Course) I’ll check out the options for my articleship.

Preferably I would go to Big Four and if I didn’t get in there, I’ll try in some of the top reputed CA. firms in the city or the neighbouring city.

Work at the firm for 2.5 years and then at last take leave and give exams.

But, things happened to me a bit differently. At least that is what I think!

As I was able to clear only first group of IPCC, there was no chance that Big Fours would be interested in taking me in.

Therefore I tried at some of the big audit firms in Surat. I was able to get a step ahead in one audit firm in textile market in the city along with my friend.

The Chartered Accountant told me and my friend to get papers ready by the next day. We got the papers ready and went to his office but he wasn’t present.

So we went a day after and he told me that he is not able to keep me as an articled assistant but my friend was selected.

I don’t know why I was rejected and my friend was selected. The CA. didn’t even bother to give me a valid reason in spite of asking him several times.

He said that you didn’t meet me on time and so I don’t have vacancy for you. I was a little sad and my search for a place to work started again.

Eventually, I landed at my father’s Chartered Accountant CA. Paras S. Shah. He has an office in diamond market and he is an honest and humble man.

He was not like a traditional boss but a pretty much of a lenient person. He even gave a bonus for Diwali which I think only a handful of Chartered Accountants in Surat give.

There I learned the core part of Tally which was taught to me in a very effective manner by CA. Sagar Jogani who was working under CA. Paras S. Shah at that time but is now practising independently.

Frankly speaking without Paras Sir & Sagarbhai I would not have known Tally in as much detail as I know today!

But, again my mind was up to something else, something greater. The thing is that there was 90% income tax and 10% other at Paras sir’s office.

I wanted to learn more than just income tax. So after seven months I told my principal that I want a transfer and he was shocked because I did not gave any previous notice for leaving.

He said, you have to complete March and you cannot go before that so I agreed to stay. He was right because March is a month of bulk of income tax work and there was not much time where he could find a new experienced person.

Meanwhile, I was searching for a firm in which I can get experience in indirect taxes.

I found a firm in Udhana area which was newly started by two young CAs and I was hoping they would understand us (me and my friend Pratik Patel who took transfer from the diamond market firm).

Finally after getting transfer, we went to work at the blossoming firm in Udhana. I learnt VAT in depth and some service tax related work there.

After two months of joining the new firm, my principal told me that we are going to merge with a 10 years old and reputed firm at Ring Road.

Suddenly the firm is going to merge and I was thinking about the problems that we can face because of the old aged CA. and his mentality (though he was very humble and pleasant).

We shifted the office to his office and all the furniture was setup in about a month. New articles were hired and all was going good.

There were senior articles at this office. I have not worked under any article before this. And one of the senior articles was literally ordering like a boss. I didn’t like that. It was frustrating. 🙁

Another big sin happened was a sudden change in the behaviour of my young principal. He became so much annoying and started making me look like a fool.

I don’t know the reason but he was suddenly changed from a young dynamic leader to an old orthodox boss. I was getting more and more frustrated.

Apart from that, he would pay stipend after two three months. Whenever I asked him for a stipend, he would say, I will give you in some time and he purposefully delayed it for 2 to 3 months.

There were departments made after shifting to new office and I was still working for that young CA. I was the most experienced in my department.

After six months of working with him, I and my friend both asked for a transfer. He was annoyed as we were experienced and the new articles can’t match up with our skills.

More irritated was the senior partner because we were transferring after having taken transfer earlier.

My principal was not willing to give transfer but at last we moved on to the new office where I am currently working.

I am learning many new things here and I am very much happy with the transfers I have taken.

I don’t regret the days of my articleship which were bad because that is also a kind of experience you should have in life and luckily I got it very early which will save my future ahead.

Currently I am at a new firm in Surat and working peacefully on project financing and subsidy work.

As per my experience you should definitely take at least one transfer from a place and if not satisfied like me you should go for another transfer as I have taken in the whole articleship period.

That will save your career and your life.

At the end…

I want to end up with a simple quote for people like you and me who do not have businesses setup by Godfathers or who want to make something on their own.

It is somewhat opposite to what you hear daily.

“If you want to be more successful than your father, don’t follow him, instead learn from his mistakes.”

This is what I have done and I am earning more than an average individual at this age.


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Thank you!

Rishit Shah

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