Congratulations! Your ride to download Tally for Free begins.

Why? Because you took action. Which action?


(You can download Tally for free too! 🙂 )

Why you need to Download Tally for Free

Many people, in fact most of the people just watch the videos and lessons but they never take action.

That is the reason why so many people are poor and very less people are rich on the earth.

So, when you will download Tally for free, you will be able to use it. You will be able to feel it.

You will get to know about different details about Tally. You will exactly know how you can use Tally and what are the challenges you are facing.

You have surely heard this phrase.

For learning swimming, you need to go into the water. You cannot learn swimming by reading books and watching tutorials.

This is same with Tally too. You have to use it in order to learn it. You cannot learn Tally just by watching videos and reading posts.

And guess what?

Tally Solutions (the company who created Tally) gives us Free Educational Version to learn Tally.

It is not a demo version for a limited time period but it is an educational version with only one limitation.

That limitation is so obvious that you cannot use educational version of Tally for maintaining all your accounts but you can still learn almost the whole of Tally easily.

Or you can check it out and see whether your company or you would be able to maintain your accounts, inventory and so on in Tally.

Well, let me tell you the limitation before you download Tally for free.

Because what is the point in downloading Tally for free, if you are not able to use it.

The limitation is of date.

You cannot enter transaction on every date of the month in Tally Educational Version.

This means you can enter every transaction, but only on one or two dates in a month. This is a genius solution to a big problem.

Here is why it is genius. You can download Tally. You can use it as long as you want. But you cannot enter the transaction on each and every date of a particular month.

This will build the confidence in upcoming users of Tally as they will be able to use it for as long as they need to satisfy themselves that Tally is good for them.

This is the only limitation of Tally Educational Version.

Anyways, if you are here, you for sure want to Download Tally and Learn Tally.

I have created a simple video in which I have shown how you can download Tally easily.

Don’t ever download Crack or Pirated version of Tally

If someone gives you or you are able to find somewhere on the internet the crack or pirated version of Tally, DO NOT use it.

I repeat again big bold letters. Please DO NOT USE IT IN ANY MANNER WHATSOEVER.

Let me tell you what will happen if you use pirated version of Tally on your computer.

First of all, it is 100% guaranteed that as soon as you install the pirated version of Tally, your computer will not be safe anymore.

It will now have viruses, worms and Trojan horses. In simple words, all are viruses but all are different.

On the top of it you will not even know that they exist for a certain days or even months because now they operate in a different fashion.

They start working in background and silently steal all your data whenever your computer will be connected to the internet and you won’t even know it.

At the end when everything is stolen or they don’t want to use your computer, they will infect the computer with worms (a kind of virus which will delete all the files one by one gradually) and all your information will be gone in a few days.

Just think for a moment that a person who is making a pirated version of a software will need something in return.

What is it? It is your information.

Today companies like Google, Facebook, WhatsApp solely rely on yours and my information.

So the value of information is pretty high and there is a big market for that. Your information can be sold easily for a good amount.

Secondly, you will be entering your precious personal or business accounting details, taxation details and so on in the pirated version of Tally.

Just imagine all that information is constantly being sent to someone in the background without you even knowing it directly from the pirated version of Tally.

Yes, that can happen.

It is like sending all your business as well as personal details properly accounted to an unknown person who can use it against you easily.

And he will probably have your banking details too from Tally’s pirated version you have installed.

He or she can blackmail you too. It will destroy you.

So, please never ever download the pirated version of Tally or any other software.

Download and Install Tally For Free – 2016

The installation process is very simple and therefore by watching the video you will be for sure easily run Tally on your computer.

Still, if you are facing any problems you can comment below and I’ll try my best to help you! 🙂

Download Tally for Free Here – Educational Version

Just share this page from one of the following options and you will be able to download Tally Educational Version from the Tally Solution’s website which is 100% authentic.

Want to Buy Tally.ERP 9

If you want to BUY paid version of Tally, you buy that from here.

  1. Tally.ERP 9 Silver – Single User is worth Rs.18,000
  2.  Tally.ERP 9 Gold – Multi User it is worth Rs.54,000

If you are thinking that this price is high, then it is NOT. Yes, it is NOT high.

If you look at what you get, you will recover the expenses in first month of buying it.

Tally has so many features built in that it will save your money every time you use it.

So, it is worth buying Tally if you are an Accountant or if you have Small Business.

If you have Large Business with branches, I recommend you buy Gold Version so that you can centralize everything at one place.

It means, at one main location, Tally Server will be there and at every other branch, Tally client will be there and you can access Tally from central server.

You do not have to keep Tally at every place. Everything is centralized and updated in real time.