Whether you are operating Tally 7.2, Tally 9 or even Tally ERPΒ 9 (Enterprise Resource Planning),shortcut keys for every version of Tally are the same.

But still people are looking more for shortcut keys of Tally ERP 9 because it is the latest version having much more functionality than the previous versions.

Tally shortcut keys are the best way operate Tally because it saves so much of our time and the work can be done with much ease in comparison to without shortcuts.

The type of shortcut keys that I am talking about is not very well known by people. For example you may know the shortcut that is in the picture above and other shortcuts like that.

It is ALT+C to create a ledger in Tally.

But have you heard of a shortcut ALC? If not, let me tell you that this shortcut is also for creating a ledger in Tally.

When you are at the Gateway of Tally, press ALC consecutively and you will reach directly into the ledger creation menu.

Try it right now. If you don’t have Tally you can see the whole process of downloading and installing Tally for free here.

There are total 100+ shortcuts like this and by knowing only some of it you can run Tally with a lightning speed.

Wait! If you want to see it live how fast it is? See the video here.

Unknown Tally Shortcuts

(Watch this video on YouTube)