In the previous video, I’ve explained how you can create Stock Items, Stock Groups and Units of Measure in Tally.

Now, you are going to learn how to use them actually in Tally.

Creating stock items and stock groups is a different thing and using them actually is a whole together a different process.

95% of the time stock items and stock groups are used for the following purposes:

  • Sales Voucher (Sales Invoice)
  • Purchase Voucher (Purchase Invoice)
  • Credit Note (Sales Return)
  • Debit Note (Purchase Return)

I have already explained how to create Sales and Purchase Vouchers as well as how to create Debit and Credit Notes in Tally.

If you do not know any of those, you can check those out first and then come and understand this video.

I have also constantly said in the video to watch those videos first and then come here to understand this video.

The reason is because in this video, I have explained the use of Stock Items, but I haven’t got into the exact details of creating purchase and sales vouchers and also debit and credit notes.

For exact details you have to go and watch those videos.

Here is the exact video for this post.

Using Stock Items and Stock Groups in Tally

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