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Do you want to ask me a question about Tally? You are at the right place.

You can ask me a question or anything about Tally from creation of a company to handling employees information (yes you can do preserve employees data in Tally).

Going up to Manali!
Going up to Manali!

Tally is like a plain canvas and you can paint it as you like.

You can even ask me how to pass a specific purchase entry for recording VAT, excise, freight and discount altogether.

Why I can answer your question?

You must be thinking that who is this guy and how he can answer any question about Tally!

You are right, because you have never heard of me before and I am not having a PHD in Tally (just joking). 😉

First of all, asking isn’t a crime. You only learn if you ask; you have probably heard this line many times but how many times did you implemented it?

Because of public fear (which I had too in the past) you become afraid to ask questions. But here, nobody will ever come to know about what you asked me.

Feel extremely free to ask any damn stupid question you may think about Tally and I’ll answer them for you. If it’s a good one, your question will be posted on this blog with a video tutorial.

More than that, I am a Chartered Accountant student and currently in the final stage.

I have learnt Tally in my articleship and as soon as I discovered Tally, I felt in love with it.

Till date I have seen many different aspects of Tally.

A big credit also goes to my first Principal, who gave me a chance to learn Tally and even taught me wherever I lacked.

I learnt some cool techniques in Tally from him as well which I think a very few people know.

Read more about me and my fascinating Articleship.

I am still experimenting with Tally and a lot of new things come over my head as I further dig in the deep.

If you didn’t knew about the employees information storage in Tally as mentioned above, then you must have realized that I am capable enough to answer your questions.

If you still think that I can’t answer your question, just ask me by in the TallySchool Facebook Group.

It’s free and easy.

Just go to Contact Me page.