Easily Create Debit and Credit Notes in Tally

Debit and Credit Notes in Tally - 2016

Debit and Credit Notes are a part and parcel of daily transactions of any business. In simple words, when there are Sales Returns or Purchase Returns in a business, debit and credit notes are used. There is not a single a business who do not have any kind of need for a debit and credit […]

How to Alter or Edit Company Details in Tally


Creating a company in Tally is easy and it only takes 5 minutes to create a company. But to alter or edit company details in Tally requires a somewhat good understanding of Tally. People easily create a company in Tally. But after creating a company in Tally, they need to alter or edit the company […]

Introduction to Tally: Like Never Seen Before


You must have seen before different types of introduction to tally saying that in Tally you can maintain accounts and can pass different types of accounting entries. But let me tell you that Tally can do much more than just accounting. In fact, Tally. ERP 9 is a whole enterprise resource planning system which can […]

Amazing Different Use of Tally: Saves Time & Money

I am so much into Tally that I started this blog, created a Free Tally Course Online, produced till date more than 100 video tutorials and on a Tuesday afternoon I’m still thinking about using Tally in a different way. 🙂 A different way in which both the client (if you are having accountancy clients) and the person providing […]

Take care of Security in Tally this way

You just can’t ignore security in Tally. Tally is such a vast accounting software that you can do almost anything with it as far as it is related to accounting and business. Every single detail of business, right from the name of the business to the Balance Sheet. Just imagine everything a business can do and […]

Capital Gains in Tally

Capital gains computation in Tally is one of the most debated issue on the web, especially when it comes to capital gains arising from trading of stocks and other similar financial instruments. There are several add-ins which you can buy with the help of which you can easily compute capital gains in Tally. But the […]

How to do Bank Reconciliation in Tally – Part 2

First of all I would like to recommend Bank Reconciliation in Tally – Part 1, if you have not read it yet! If you are a frequent visitor of TallySchool you must have noticed that every post on this blog contains a video tutorial. I like to explain by demonstrating along with writing because people tend to understand more […]

How to do Bank Reconciliation in Tally – Part 1

We are going to learn Bank Reconciliation in Tally because Bank Reconciliation Statement (BRS)  is one of the major accounting treatments or we can say major accounting processes that needs to be done. In this post we are going to discuss bank reconciliation in Tally step by step. If you are doing accounting for a business […]

What are Inventory Vouchers in Tally

What are inventory or manufacturing vouchers in tally

Inventory Vouchers or what I call Manufacturing Vouchers in Tally are often seen as something very difficult by many people. But let me tell you that it is not at all difficult. In fact it is very much easy that after knowing it you will be surprised how easy it was. If you are a manufacturing […]

Basic Accounting Entries in Tally – Explained

Basic Accounting Vouchers in Tally

Basic accounting entries require you to understand basic accounting vouchers in Tally. In Tally there are four basic accounting vouchers namely, Contra Entry Payment Entry Receipt Entry Journal Entry We will have look at them one by one. I will explain you with the help of examples as well as a video which is at […]

How to Create a Ledger in Tally – In less than 5 Minutes

How to create a ledger in Tally

Today, I am going talk (actually write 🙂 ) about how to create a ledger in Tally. It is very much easy to create a ledger in Tally. For a fact, it takes less than a 60 seconds to create a single ledger in Tally. There are total 2 major ways to create a ledger […]