What are Inventory Vouchers in Tally

What are inventory or manufacturing vouchers in tally

Inventory Vouchers or what I call Manufacturing Vouchers in Tally are often seen as something very difficult by many people. But let me tell you that it is not at all difficult. In fact it is very much easy that after knowing it you will be surprised how easy it was. If you are a manufacturing […]

Basic Accounting Entries in Tally – Explained

Basic Accounting Vouchers in Tally

Basic accounting entries require you to understand basic accounting vouchers in Tally. In Tally there are four basic accounting vouchers namely, Contra Entry Payment Entry Receipt Entry Journal Entry We will have look at them one by one. I will explain you with the help of examples as well as a video which is at […]

How to Create a Ledger in Tally – In less than 5 Minutes

How to create a ledger in Tally

Today, I am going talk (actually write 🙂 ) about how to create a ledger in Tally. It is very much easy to create a ledger in Tally. For a fact, it takes less than a 60 seconds to create a single ledger in Tally. There are total 2 major ways to create a ledger […]

How to create a company in Tally

create a company in tally

The first thing when it comes to operating Tally is that how to create a company in Tally. Obviously without this step you cannot move further and do anything in Tally. Everybody says that creation of company in Tally is so much easy and it actually is. But there are some of the important aspects […]

How to Use Tally – 3 Effective Ways!


Knowing Tally and using Tally are both different things. In fact, most of the people know what is tally but they do not exactly know how to use Tally. That is what I call half knowledge. Half knowledge is more dangerous than not knowing at all. Tally can be used in many different ways. You […]

How to create Receipt Entry in Tally


Receipts are something that every person loves to have. It is very easy to create receipts entry in Tally once you know the exact process which I am going to explain in this post in a very detailed way. First of all there are hundreds of different types of receipts but accounting for all of […]

How to create Journal Entries in Tally


Journal entries in Tally are the most widely used accounting entries after payment and receipt entries. Journal entries are used when there is NO involvement of cash or bank account in an accounting entry. Otherwise it would be payment or receipt entry. Generally, journal entries are created for closing books of accounts at the end of […]

How to create Contra Entries in Tally

How to create Contra Entries in Tally

Before explaining “How to Create Contra Entries in Tally”, let me explain you what is actually a contra entry. In double entry accounting system, contra entry refers to an accounting entry which involves transfers between cash accounts and bank accounts or between different bank accounts. What is a Contra Entry In simple words, if the following […]

How to create Tax and Retail Invoices in Tally

How to create tax and retail invoices in Tally

I have published another detailed post about creating GST invoice in Tally.ERP 9. If you want to know about GST invoice in Tally, go through that post. Invoices are a big part of any business. In fact, without invoices, you cannot even run a business. You need invoices to make sales. You need invoices to […]

How to set Voucher Numbers in Tally

In Tally, voucher numbers are automatically set by default. They start from 1, 2 and so on. In almost every business, voucher numbers are not used like 1, 2, 3 and so on. They are used with some words or are of greater digits such as 101 or A-101 or TAX-101 and so on. So […]

How to create entries for Futures Transactions in Tally


Futures transactions in Tally is very much easy to create if you know the accounting entry. I always say that to know Tally, you just have to know basic accounting. So. if you had at anytime a doubt about how to create entries for futures transactions in tally, following post is your doubt buster. To […]