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booksBooks are the best source of knowledge. It is even better than what you listen from others and what you already know. I would like to recall an age old quote about books.

“Books are our best friends”

You have heard this a thousand times but have you started reading a single book after hearing this?

If the answer is yes, you have for sure understood the importance of the quote. 🙂

Don’t at all worry if the answer that just came from your heart was a NO because if you are reading this you definitely have interest in books.

Now you have to take a step ahead and start searching about the books and their authors that you are interested in.

The more you know about the books and its related information; you will want to read it more.

And the last step is to get the books and start reading them.

My journey with books just started like this. Before I started reading my first ever book let me tell you an important fact that I hated books.

The reason behind the hatred was there are already so many books to learn and grasp while you are studying. In a course like Chartered Accountancy you have a whole bundle of books and each of it was on an average of 500 pages.

Another reason behind not reading books, especially novels was movies. Many good novels are scripted and made into a movie.

Why read a 300 page book if there’s a 3 hour movie in the theatre? It was my logic.

But a turning point came when I started internet marketing and SEO to earn some money online; I started reading so many books about the subject from so many different authors.

I got interested in more and more books rather than videos and movies.

In movies you see what they want you to see while in a book you see what you want to see.

There is a big difference in both the perspectives. The book perspective is a better one and I have gained much more knowledge than movies in books.

Reading books can increase your vocabulary which is of great use when you enter the market as a CA. or any other professional or in any business.

Today there are even ebooks and audio books available. So if don’t have time, you can purchase an audio book and listen whenever you are free. Ebooks can be read from a mobile so you can read them at your pace.

There are much more different benefits of reading books and if I’ll list them all here, another big book can be written.

I have read the books that I have listed down here. Anyone can read those books and can benefit from them.

They are available at any book store near you or you can buy them online from here at cheaper rates by clicking on the name of the book.

Books of my interest

Connect the Dots

It is written by Rashmi Bansal, an IIMA graduate and a renowned writer in India. In this book she has written about 20 entrepreneurs who started their journey without an MBA and some of them without even a degree.

It is a worth read and it is very inspiring as without having any experience people have gone that far, you cannot imagine.

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Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

Another great piece of work written by Rashmi Bansal. This book is about people who made differences to the society and did something different to live their dream.

More importantly all of them are IIM graduates. Their stories are amazing and you will for sure have fun reading this.

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Brand Failures

As the name suggests, the book is all about the biggest marketing failures of all time. You can learn more from failures than success.

It is luxurious to learn from failures of big corporates before starting on your own. Reasons behind the failures have also been given for better understanding.

This international best seller has been written by Matt Haig.

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Rich Dad Poor Dad

Want to know really how the rich people think? Here is one of the thoughts of rich people,

” the rich people want that poor people always remain poor.”

This book is surely for you. This book is the New York Times best seller and overall international best seller.

Robert Kiyosaki is the author of this book who was once homeless and made his way to become millionaire.

I have read this book two times and I learnt more and more from it every time I read it.

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Cash Flow Quadrant

This can be a called a second part of Rich Dad Poor Dad. By reading this book, you’ll identify yourself, where you are and where you want to be in the future.

It is a master piece written by Robert Kiyosaki with simple stories and ideas that can build your way to the financial freedom.

Believe me, we are not taught a single thing about how money works in schools and colleges and this book will help you to master that.

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Security Analysis (Sixth Edition)

I am still reading this book as it is a pretty long one having over 800 pages. This book enticed me because I want to know and learn about stock markets or we can say in our language, share bazaar.

This book is considered to be the bible for investment in companies, especially through stock markets.

This book was initially written in 1934 by Benjamin Graham and David L. Dodd till date six editions are being produced the last one being published in 2008. This book is the longest running book on investment till date.

Warren Buffett is one of the disciples of Benjamin Graham and has written the foreword of the book. David Dodd was one of his close colleagues and a second bar behind Security Analysis.

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I have read above books and one of them is still not completed but it is a never ending process. After I complete reading the above books, I’ll take another one and start reading it.

I’ll list down here every book that I read so you can get some glimpse about what I am reading and who knows you may start reading your first book somewhere from here.

Do you think we should read books or straight away watch movies of the books from which they are made? Answer it in comments.

18 thoughts on “Books I Read

  1. Satyanarayana says:

    Dear Rishit,

    I appreciate you for the importance of book reading you explained in this page. And I too have good interest in practising and learning more about tally package. I wish you all the best.

    • Rishit Shah says:

      Hi, Satyanarayana!
      Thank you very much for your best wishes.

      I am happy that you liked the page and my approach towards book reading.

  2. Ruthvik says:

    Hi Rishab
    I Am Glad that a CA Student (who is in CA-Final) is doing all this Great Stuff.I am Also interested towards reading and more over i have a some good knowledge towards our current areas of interest i.e Stock markets.I Really appreciate your hard work for this group.Do keep in touch and u can always mail me if u want any help in that area
    Good Luck for your CA Final
    Work Hard for ISCA and DT

    • Rishit Shah says:

      Thank you for your kind words and appreciation Ruthvik.

      I will surely contact you if I’ll need any help.

      By the way it’s Rishit and not Rishab. 🙂

  3. anju gaur says:

    hello rishit,
    So good to see your tutorials and website , i have started learning telly today itself, well i don’t have any b com , or financial background, i have done in geophysics but want to learn telly from the basics to the expertise level.please do help in starting and what books should i follow. i am a non technical person ,so have to start from abcd of tally.

    • Rishit Shah says:

      Hi, Anju!
      As you are a non-technical person, I would suggest you learn basic accounting and then learn Tally.

  4. Surjit says:

    Hi Rishit,
    Really appreciate the way you are selflessly sharing your knowledge and experiences.
    I am running a retail business and following traditional accounting practices like maintaining day book, stock register, ledger etc. Currently, my father who is having vast accounting experience is maintaining the accounting books. Since, he is growing old, I want to shift to tally accounting, to share some of his workload. Do you recommend that I should first learn to maintain accounting books and then start learning Tally or should I straightaway learn Tally? Please suggest.

    • Rishit Shah says:

      Hi, Surjit!
      Thank you for your appreciation!
      I would suggest you learn maintaining accounting books and then start learning Tally.
      The reason is that Tally is accounting in digital format. Once you know accounting Tally is very easy to learn.
      You then just have get familiar with Tally. That’s it.

  5. Priyanka Pareek says:

    Hi Rishit

    Thanks for such a nice blog which is helpful a lot. I hope by this time you would have cleared your final exams n now you would be known as CA Rishit shah……congrts for that n hoping you’ll create such more useful blogs which will help many of us to enhance our knowledge…..Thnx again

  6. Hikmatullah says:

    Hello Rishit Shah
    What should I care more for if I am selected to evaluate Practical and Theoretical Accounting Training with Tally Software and Post-Training Support RFPs.

    • Rishit Shah says:

      Hi, Hikmatullah!

      That depends on what the person going for exam is going to do.

      I am assuming they are going for a job and for that, I suggest you should focus more on practicals.
      But, don’t leave out the theory portion to just zero. Focus on theory too, but more on practicals.

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