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Receipts are something that every person loves to have. It is very easy to create receipts entry in Tally once you know the exact process which I am going to explain in this post in a very detailed way.

First of all there are hundreds of different types of receipts but accounting for all of them is same.

I will explain you the concept of receipt vouchers in Tally with the help of  examples.

Shortcut for Receipt Entry in Tally is F6.

In this post, I will take the following examples of receipts.

  1. Receipt of Bank Interest in Bank Account
  2. Receipt of a Cash from a Debtor

Let’s start with it right now.

Creating Receipt Entries in Tally

Let’s start with the first example of the receipt of interest in bank.

I am talking about the interest which a bank pays on its savings account deposits to its customers.

It is a simple receipt entry.

I have already created ledgers for the receipt entries which I am going to explain in this post.

You can see my post on creating ledgers in Tally to learn how you can create ledgers in Tally very easily.

From Gateway of Tally, press V and then F6, and you will be directly in the Receipt Voucher in Tally.

That was the shortcut route. I have created a PDF of 100+ shortcuts in Tally like the one above.

If you want to take the long route, here is the long route.

From Gateway of Tally, go to Accounting Vouchers. Then select Receipt from the Right Hand Side Green Bar as shown in the picture.

Receipt Voucher in Tally

Now you are in receipt voucher in Tally. Let’s start with the examples.

Receipt of Bank Interest in Bank Account

When you receive interest in your bank account, Interest account gets credited and Bank Account gets debited.

Let’s say we got bank interest of Rs.1,000 in our bank account. The entry for this transaction in Tally will be as under:

Click on the image to see it clear.

In the above transaction, Bank Interest got credited by Rs.1,000 and Bank Account got debited by Rs.1,000.

If you receive anything in your Bank Account other than interest, just change the ledger and you will easily be able to create the receipt entry for the same.

For example, you received a payment for selling goods, then instead of Bank Interest, Debtors Account will get credited.

Now, let us look at the second entry i.e. which is receipt of cash from a debtor.

Receipt of Cash From a Debtor

I have selected this entry because it covers almost every receipt transaction you would have. The difference is instead of Debtor, you would have some other account.

And I have already explained you receipt through Bank Account just above this entry.

When you receive cash, Cash Account gets debited and Debtor’s Account gets credited.

Let’s say we got Rs.5,000 in cash from a debtor named Amit. The entry for this transaction in Tally will be as under:

Click on the image to see it clear.

In the above transaction, Amit’s Account (Debtor) got credited and Cash Account gets debited.

This is how the receipt entry is done in Tally. It is easy and simple.

At the end…

Receipts Entry in Tally or Receipt Voucher in Tally is one of the most simple entries in Tally that I have found till date.

You will receive cash by two major ways in normal business transactions which are:

  1. Via Bank
  2. Direct Cash

I have tried to explain both of them in the post and I believe that after going through both of them, you will be easily able to create receipt entries in Tally.

Still, if you have any difficulties, comment down below and I will be happy to solve any of your difficulties.

37 thoughts on “How to create Receipt Entry in Tally

  1. shekhar singh says:

    hello sir,
    i am very confuse to think which account are credited and which account are can I know to this. plzz sir tell me an easy way to understand.
    thanx and regards,

  2. Moumita says:

    Sir, all your methods of explanation of tally are interesting as well as easy to comprehend for a starter. Thanks for the posts and videos. I would like to have more examples of payment voucher entries if possible.

  3. Rahul Nayak says:

    hello, sr.
    your quick response and your posts are so effective and the way u use the words , its understable too…..i would like 2 hv more post on debit and credit in all category.

  4. Nagaraj says:

    Dear Sir,
    “Amount received from S.Debtors against my Invoice minus TDS”

    Can we pass a single entry in F6 to complete the transaction


  5. Sudip Kr. Nandy says:

    Iwant a full final accounts entrys in tally such profitable business and non-profitable business , and adjustment the whole acc. with journal, and computation for I.T return with I.T. rules. I request you
    pls. send me the details at my user I.D. which is mention below.

    Thanking you,

    Sudip Kr. Nandy.

  6. Sourav says:

    Hi Rishit,
    I need to maintain separate receipts for cash receipt and bank receipt. Is there a way in tally by which we can differentiate them as different type of voucher.


  7. Dimple T Abraham says:

    Thank you Rishit for making this effort, & I really appreciate!
    This tutorial really helped me to understand the basics.

  8. shahjeer says:

    its totally new in new update , it is asking account in the top and there is no debit or credit column only there is only one column that is total
    how to i work in this
    please help me

    • Rishit Shah says:

      Hi, Shahjeer!

      You need to disable single entry mode in your Tally.

      For that press F12 from Gateway of Tally.
      Select Voucher Entry.
      Second option is for single entry mode. Set it to No and you will debit and credit.

    • Rishit Shah says:

      Hi, Rajendra!

      Basic Difference between single entry and double entry mode is that in Single entry, one account is always chosen and you do all the entries against that while in double entry no single account is chosen and you have to select each ledger every time.

    • Rishit Shah says:

      Hi, Umang!

      There will be no receipt entry in case you are selling for cash since you are getting the cash instantly.
      But, still a separate accounting entry can be done for receipt entry for cash sales.

      It will be:

      Cash A/c Dr
      To Buyer’s name

      If you need any other help in Tally, Accounting or GST, please let me know.

  9. sunil prasad says:

    Hi its a great initiative , its very easy one can easily learn by simply follow your steps, i am in the step to creating emtries in voucher , i am trying to create contra entries , but my ledgers is only showing cash ledges, hence i have created many ledgers like bank a/c, bank interest, debtors etc. why only cash ledger is showing in contra entry.

    • Rishit Shah says:

      Hi, Sunil!

      In the contra voucher in tally, only bank and cash ledgers will show up.
      If you will create a ledger under bank account, it will show up in a contra voucher.

  10. naresh shah says:

    what will in entry in account colum your dircet entr in particuler entry dr or cr how will do that bicuse i m trayed but i cant thats way i m asking Rishit gude me i m confused brother

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