How to Delete a Company in Tally

How to delete a company in Tally

Deleting a company in Tally is as simple as deleting a voucher but still many people are confused or they do not know how to delete a company in Tally.

And, those people are actually right and if I were them, I could also have been confused because there is no specific option in Tally to delete a company.

I mean, yes, you can delete a company in Tally but you can’t find the option. It is an hidden option which you have to discover or someone will have to teach you like my principal taught me in my articleship.

I do not know why Tally did this, but that is the truth and we have to accept it.

To delete anything you create in Tally, there is one command or option you have to select.

That is ALT+D. D for Delete.

Whether you create vouchers or you create ledgers or you pass entries, press ALT+D and it will get deleted.

The same is the case with the company deletion process.

Here is the exact video in which I have explained how you can delete a company in Tally.

If your internet connection is slow or for any reason you are not able to watch video, below the video I’ve written exact steps for deleting a company in Tally.

Before you delete a company…

Deleting a company is as easy as deleting a picture from your phone.

But certain important things need to be taken care of before you delete an entire company otherwise you will later regret a lot.

And prevention is better than cure.

Don’t delete a company for changing the year

There is no need to delete a company for changing your financial year.

You can easily change the year by pressing ALT+F2 from the Gateway of Tally.

Many people, when they want to change the year, start a new company and then delete the earlier company.

This is not the right way to do it.

Check the Company before you delete it

It is always better to check the company before you delete it.

By checking I mean to say check the Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss account and other reports as well as entries.

By this, you just need to verify whether there is any important information that you need or would require in the future from this company.

You may not need it right now but you may need it later on.

So check before you delete.

Keep the backup

I suggest you keep the backup of the company although you do not need it.

Because as I said earlier, you may not need the information or the entire company’s data right now but who knows in future you may need it.

Always keep the backup. Then delete the company with full confidence.

These were the things you need to take care of before deleting a company.

Following are the steps to delete a company.

Steps to delete a company in Tally

Here are the exact steps for deleting a company in Tally.

I am assuming you are at the Gateway of Tally in any one of your companies.

  • Press ALT+F3 from Gateway of Tally. That will take you to Company Info. menu.

ALT+F3 from Gateway of Tally


  • Now you will see Company Info. Menu. Select Alter from the menu or simply press A

Alter option to delete a compnay

Pressing A is a shortcut.

Download my eBook in which I have put together 100+ shortcuts like this to run Tally at a high speed.

  • Now, you will see a list of companies which are present in your Tally on your computer. Select the one which you want to delete and press Enter.

Select a group of companies

  • You will see a Company Alteration screen. It is just like the screen when you first created a company.

A quick note: If you want to edit something like Name, address or other details, you forgot or you typed in wrong while creating a company, you can do it here.

Company Alteration Screen

  • Now, here comes the main and the last step which is deleting a company.
  • Press ALT+D.
  • Tally will ask you YES or NO for your confirmation.

Delete a company in Tally - 1

  • Press Enter and it will ask you one more time. Are you Sure?

Delete a company in Tally - 2

  • Press Enter and your company will get deleted instantly.

This is how you can delete a company in Tally.

The process is simple and easy but the lack of display of an option makes it difficult to understand it and find it.

How to delete a company in Tally

Have you ever wanted to delete a company in Tally and Why? Answer it in comments and let me know.

4 thoughts on “How to Delete a Company in Tally

  1. ashok mathew says:

    I am not getting inventory option in tally which is showing in screen after accounts info. Let me know what to do ?

    ashok mathew

    • Rishit Shah says:

      Hi, Ashok!
      You need to enable Inventory Management in Tally.

      I suggest you upgrade Tally as it is automatically enabled in the newer versions.
      Here is the link to upgrade Tally – “”

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