GSTR 3B in Tally ERP 9 – Upload & Filing in Tally

GSTR 3B in Tally

Today, we are going to learn how to generate and file GSTR 3B in Tally ERP 9. It is one of the most used features of tally.

GSTR 3B is a summary return. It includes a summary of GSTR 1 and GSTR 2. We have already seen both GSTR 1 in Tally and GSTR 2 in Tally.

GSTR 3B is also necessary if you are starting a business to do the business starting entries in tally.

Today, we are going to learn how to prepare GSTR 3B.

What you will learn in this post

  • How to check GSTR 3B in Tally ERP 9
  • How to prepare GSTR 3B
  • How to generate or export GSTR 3B
  • How to file or upload GSTR 3B from Tally
  • GSTR 3B not showing in Tally ERP 9

How to Check GSTR 3B in Tally ERP 9

As you pass GST accounting entries in tally, GST data is automatically captured by tally and GSTR 3B is also created at the same time.

Now, the question is, how you can check GSTR 3B in Tally ERP 9?

Well, here are the steps.

  • From Gateway of Tally, go to Display.
  • Go to Statutory Reports.
  • Select GST from the menu.
  • You will see GSTR 3B option below GSTR 1 and GSTR 2.
  • Select GSTR 3B.
GSTR 3B in Tally ERP 9

If you are not seeing any numbers, it can be because of the time period that Tally has automatically selected on the basis of the last voucher that you have entered.

Press ALT + F2 and select the appropriate time period for which you want to see the GST data in GSTR 3B in Tally and press Enter.

Changing the period in GSTR 3B

Once you have done that, you can see everything in GSTR 3B.

You can see the following in GSTR 3B at first glance.

  1. Outward Supplies including e-way bill entries in tally.
  2. Inward Supplies (including liable to GST reverse charge in tally)
  3. Eligible ITC
  4. Non-GST Inward and Outward Supplies
  5. Interest and Late Fee Payable
  6. Reverse Charge Liability and Input Credit to be Booked – which also includes GST tax payment in tally.
  7. Advance Receipts
  8. Advance Payments

You can go into each of these options and check the GST sales and purchase entries which we have done.

There is an option for Returns Summary at the top of the screen.

In Returns Summary, you can see the total number of vouchers which are:

  • Included in the Returns
  • Not Relevant for Returns
  • Incomplete / Mismatch in information (to be resolved)

The vouchers in which we have forgotten or by mistake have not entered the correct information are flagged by tally and you can see them in the option of incomplete or mismatch in information option.

Returns Summary in GSTR 3B in Tally

As a good practice, it is also good to see the GST amounts with the balance sheet in tally and also check if by mistake any GST taxes have debited as expenses in the profit and loss account in tally.

Once you have sorted all the basic accounting vouchers, it is time for the next step.

How to Prepare GSTR 3B in Tally

If you have read this far, you must be knowing that GSTR 3B is created automatically here. This is one of the best features of tally with GST.

So, then why and how do you have to prepare GSTR 3B in Tally?

Here is the answer.

GSTR 3B is a summary return and it contains a summary of the data that we have entered in other returns which are full fledged returns.

Basically, all the GST sales and purchases and their related transactions are captured in a summary form in GSTR 3B.

So, I would suggest you go through GSTR 3B and confirm the same in GSTR 1 as well as GSTR 2 because ultimately that would be reflected in GSTR 3B.

View Accepted As Is - GSTR 3B in Tally

Now, there is an option called View Accepted As Is. on the right hand side green bar in GSTR 3B.

Click on that or press CTRL + A which is the shortcut in tally for the same.

In this option, you will see all the vouchers which are accepted as it is without making the corrections which are necessary for uploading and filing the returns on the GST portal.

Check all the vouchers in this list and correct them.

Also make sure that while creating ledgers in tally, GST is configured correctly to be able to reflect it in the GSTR 3B.

Once you have done that, then finally check all the figures or amounts in GSTR 3B. Make sure it is your exact sales, purchases (purchase entries in tally) and credit.

Congratulations! You have successfully prepared and finalized GSTR 3B in Tally.

How to Generate or Export GSTR 3B in Tally ERP 9

It is very easy to generate or export GSTR 3B.

There is an option called Export Return on the right hand side. Press CTRL + E to see the export options of the return in tally.

Exporting GSTR 3B from Tally
  1. Select the JSON format so that we can directly upload it on the GST portal.
Export Options in GSTR 3B in Tally ERP 9
  • See and remember the export location of the file which will be useful while uploading the return.
  • Output file name will have return number followed by GSTIN, month and year. Don’t change it.
GSTR 3B Output File Name in Tally
  • Set the option YES to open the exported file to see if there is any verification needed (mostly not required).
  • Press Enter to finally export GSTR 3B.

Once you have exported the JSON file, it is now the time to upload it on the GST portal.

Side Note to the post:

You can also export GSTR 3B in Excel format. Just select Excel instead of JSON while exporting GSTR 3B following the above steps.

Exporting GSTR 3B in Excel Format

You can also take a print out of GSTR 3B for using the information offline. Just click on Print Return option on the right hand side or press CTRL + P.

Printed Form GSTR 3B from Tally

How to File or Upload GSTR 3B in Tally

Once you have generated the JSON file directly from Tally or using the offline utility tool, you will have to upload it on the GST portal.

Here are the steps to do that.

  1. Click on Open GST Portal or press CTRL + O.
  2. Login to the portal with your User ID and Password.
  3. Go to the upload section and upload the JSON file that we have just generated.
  4. Once the file is uploaded, all the figures will display on the GST portal.
  5. Verify it and check for any differences.

Congratulations! You have successfully uploaded or files GSTR 3B in Tally.

GSTR 3B Not Showing in Tally ERP 9

This can be because of various reasons. They are as under.

Not Updated the Latest Version

You might not have updated to the latest version of Tally in your computer. If your tally is of the older version before GST, then GSTR 3B will not show up in Tally.

India not selected as a Country while creating a company in Tally

If you have not selected India as the country while creating a company in tally, it is also possible that GSTR 3B will not show up.

The reason for this is simple.

GSTR 3B is only applicable on GST in India and therefore it will not show up if you have selected a different country other than India while creating a company.

GST Not enabled in Tally

If you have not enabled GST in Tally, it is natural that you will not see GSTR 3B in tally. You will also not see any other option related to GST in Tally.

Enable GST in Tally and then you will definitely see GSTR 3B in Tally.

GSTR 3B in Tally – Video

The video will be uploaded soon.

GSTR 3B in Tally – Free PDF Download

PDF will be available soon.


By going through this post, I am sure you must have learned how to check, prepare, export and upload GSTR 3B.

GSTR 3B is a summary return and it gets its data from the purchase and sale entries.

I have tried to explain GSTR 3B in a best manner. Still, if you have any doubts, let me know in the comments section below.

I reply to each and every comment.

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