How to Use Tally – 3 Effective Ways!


Knowing Tally and using Tally are both different things.

In fact, most of the people know what is tally but they do not exactly know how to use Tally.

That is what I call half knowledge. Half knowledge is more dangerous than not knowing at all.

Tally can be used in many different ways. You can use it just for accounting or for everything from accounting to maintaining returns for taxation.

But that was the Why part and NOT the How part.

In simple words, when you use Tally for accounting or for taxation, you are answering the question, “Why should you use Tally” and NOT “how should you use Tally”.

By saying how, what I mean is the technique of using Tally.

You and I both know why should we use Tally but only a handful of people know how should actually Tally be used.

In this post, I am going to list down 3 simple techniques in which Tally can be used in some of the most effective ways.

These techniques are so simple that after knowing them, you will think you wished you had known these techniques before.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a student or an accounts manager or a business person, everything in this post will apply because of the simplicity of the techniques.

Let’s start with some of the most simplest techniques of using Tally.

Use Tally with only the Keyboard

The best way to use Tally is with a keyboard.

Of course, you can click the Tally icon to open Tally with a mouse but once Tally is running keep your mouse away from your hand or you can just unplug it if you are only using Tally. 🙂

Tally is created in such a way that every command in Tally can completed with the help of a keyboard.

Most of the commands which are necessary depending on the task which you are performing, are listed on the screen along with their keyboard commands.

For example, if you want to create a journal entry in Tally, the screen looks something like in the picture below.How-to-use-Tally---Journal-Voucher-Creation-Screen

If you look at the top of the picture you can see commands like Print, Export and so on.

Take a closer look and you will see a letter and single or double underline with the letter.

For Print, there is P and for Shop there is S with double underline.

Single Underline = ALT+letter
Double Underline = CTRL+letter

Now, you if you press ALT+P, the voucher will get printed.

You press CTRL+S and you will get into the Tally Shop where you can buy necessary add-ons for Tally.

What this all states is that there is no use of mouse anywhere in any operation of Tally. Keyboard alone is sufficient.

Now, look at the right hand dark green bar. You can see all important vouchers and their settings.
They all can be accessed with the F buttons – F1 to F12.

One more time, what you need is only keyboard.

Go anywhere in Tally and you can do anything with the keyboard.

Another major benefit of using keyboard is speed.

When you use keyboard your speed in completing operations in Tally will be much more speedy than the person using Tally with mouse and a keyboard.

The reason is simple.

You are focusing only one piece of electronics while the other person has to look after both mouse and keyboard and that consumes more time.

By using only keyboard in Tally you are saving time and using Tally in a simple way. The way it was meant to be used.

Now, let’s go on to the second technique to use Tally effectively.

Use Tally Shortcuts

This is something I tell many times on emails as well as TallySchool.

Shortcuts are made so you can use them. They are not just meant for showing off.

Tally has more shortcuts than you can think. Yes, you read it right.

Let me show you some of the shortcuts in the picture below.Gateway-of-Tally

Can you see the RED K in the QuicK Setup. That is the shortcut. Press K and you will be in the Quick Setup menu.

Similarly, if you go on and select any menu in the whole Tally, you will see one red letter for every option.

Now look at the above picture once again and imagine you can directly go to Balance Sheet by pressing B.

That is ridiculously fast.

Using Tally Shortcuts and only Keyboard will make your operations in Tally at least 2 times faster than what currently you are using.

This is the beauty of Tally which is unknown to majority of people. Even experienced people don’t know it.

Another major benefit of using Tally shortcuts is that you can use them consecutively.

Try this by yourself RIGHT NOW. Your mind will be blown.

Open up Tally in your computer and open a company.

Now just press A,L and C one after one as fast as you can. Press A, then L and then C.

You will be in the Ledger Creation Screen, right?

Now come back to the Gateway of Tally and repeat it once more but this time looking at the screen.

Press A,L and C consecutively as I said earlier but looking at the screen.

You will see how lightning fast you move in each of the menus in Tally.

That is simply amazing.

You can try this with every menu in Tally.

Just know the RED letter of each option and you can move in and out of Tally at a speed of Ferrari.

Use the Calculator in Tally

Do you know that there is an inbuilt calculator in Tally which is always in front of your eyes on the screen.

No matter what you do in Tally, the calculator stays on the screen.

Take a look at it in the below picture and try to spot the calculator.Using-Calculator-in-Tally

Can you spot the calculator?

If yes, very good! If no, then let me tell you where it is.

It is in the bottom right hand corner and it has keyboard command written called CTRL+N.

If you are creating entries in Tally or doing any other task in Tally, you can always press CTRL+N and reach the calculator to basic additions, subtraction, division or multiplication and all other calculations you want.

When you press CTRL+N, the screen will look like in the picture below. I have done some calculations as well.Using-Calculator-in-Tally-with-calculations

I wrote 2+2 and pressed Enter to get the answer. Similarly I wrote 5*4 and pressed Enter.

By using calculator, you do not have to go elsewhere and that saves time. Plus, your eyes will be on the computer screen and nowhere else.

Because of this, you can enter transactions in Tally at a much faster pace.

For example, while passing an entry, you need to calculate certain amount.

What you need to do is simply press CTRL+N and start calculating. When you are done with calculations, press CTRL+M to return to the main screen.

You do not have to remember the amount you calculated because now you can easily see the amount on the screen.

Tally’s calculator helps in a great way by this feature.

At the End…

By using Tally with the help of techniques listed above, you will be able to complete your tasks in Tally at least 2-3 times faster than what you were taking before.

Using Tally shortcuts with keyboard along with calculator will improve your productivity in Tally.

If you know any other effective technique which I missed to list down in this post, you can comment it below and I will include them in the list with proper explanation.

9 thoughts on “How to Use Tally – 3 Effective Ways!

  1. shalini says:

    Hi RISHIT,

    • Rishit Shah says:

      Hi, Shalini!
      I think you should at least know basics of Tally like entries and vouchers.
      These days, taxation is also used widely and it would be good for you to get a job in accounting if you know taxation aspects of Tally.

      Not many people know about taxation, so you will stand out.

      Other features such as cost centers and cost category are not used by many people for accounting since they are required in a decent sized business.
      So, if you do not know that, it will be okay.

      But again, knowing them would make you an expert at Tally and not many people know them too.

      If you are looking for job of accountant at a small company, it is okay if you do not know cost centers and other advanced features but taxation is required by most businesses these days so you should know it.

      I hope this helps.

  2. chetan says:

    Hii sir….i am doing final year..along with i am also learning tally soft. Is tnere any further course after tally?

  3. Sandhya.n says:

    Hello sir…
    Iam sandhya.N,i really felt soo happy to learn about tally in tally school,where it is very ease to learn by everyone and it is in simple language that’s the major advantage.


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