An Interview with Karan Batra – Founder of Chartered Club

I was thinking about how big entrepreneurs were once normal people like you and me. What made them different was their way of seeing the world in a different way.

What I found in common is these entrepreneurs are keen to help people. Successful people are always curious to help others out in their problems.

In return they take a bit in helping out others, that is what I feel.

I always love to hear or read about people who did something different and brought a change, even a small one.

So, I thought of interviewing people so we can learn from them and become more successful than we are.

As I am a CA. Finalist and an internet geek, some well known websites about Chartered Accountancy came to my mind in a minute.

After rethinking I decided finally on one person who I thought would agree and will be willing to share his views.

He is Karan Batra, founder of Chartered Club. When I emailed him for interviewing him, he immediately accepted.

If you are into Chartered Accountancy or any course related to law or accountancy then you must have heard of Chartered Club.

I asked him a bunch of questions and he answered all of them along with suitable examples which is great of him.

No more fluffing! Here are the questions that I asked along with answers given by him.


Every piece of answer is directly given by him in his own words. Enjoy the read! 🙂

Interview: Q & A with Karan Batra

Q: How did the idea of starting Chartered Club struck in your mind and when?

A: Chartered Club was started in the year 2009 with a community group on Orkut. At that time, Indians were more active on Orkut as compared to Facebook. But Facebook was growing fast. I saw a good potential on Facebook and simultaneously started on Facebook as well with a Facebook page.

Getting the likes on Facebook was a daunting task in the initial days. I’m talking about a time when most Indians didn’t even know what Facebook was as they were more active on Orkut.

In 2009, I myself was a CA. Final student and used to visit the ICAI Library very frequently. So, I used to personally have a word with all other students in the library and requested them to like my page. To get more likes – I first had to tell people the benefits of joining Facebook and then request them to join my page as well.

Q: Which is that one big success that you have achieved apart from being a Chartered Accountant?

A: Success is a very relative term. Its definition keeps on changing with time. But yes, when something happens for the first time – the happiness is of that thing is simply incomparable.

Happiness of getting your 1st advertisement client, happiness of getting empanelled with a Big 4 for HR Consultancy, happiness of getting your 1st pay check, happiness of being invited by ICAI to take GMCS  & Orientation Lectures – all these are moments which I consider as success.

And my most recent success was when a few months back, I realized that the President of ICAI i.e. K. Raghu was himself following the Chartered Club Facebook page.

Q: From the view of an accountant, how Tally can help or has helped you?

A: Tally is like a personal accounts assistant and takes care of everything. It is a one stop solution for all the accounting needs of a business.

The time taken to complete an accounting work has been substantially reduced by Tally. In fact, there are so many features in Tally that most accountants aren’t even aware of. Its only when an accountant works on Tally that he realizes how good it is and how much time it can reduce.

In short Tally, is like the life line of a Chartered Accountant working for a small to medium scale of business. Once you start using Tally that is when you realize how useful it is for your business.

Q: Which is the most important thing about Tally that you like?

A: The user interface of Tally is something that gives it a distinctive edge over all its competitors. Moreover, as tally has been developed by an Indian Company, they understand the needs and requirements of Indians and have developed the accounting software accordingly.

However, several popular accounting software of the west are also now trying to enter into India and are customizing their software to suit the Indian needs. Let’s see how they fare.

Q: A quote that you like the most.

A: From my experience, I’ve learnt one thing that “It is not about the idea – it is about the Execution. Ideas have no value without execution”

Take any big business and you’ll note that their idea may or may not have been unique but their execution certainly was unique.flipkart-compressed

We talk about Flipkart being the best Indian start-up till date and being valued at $8 billion. However, if you see – their idea was something that was existent in India even before Flipkart. E-bay has been there in India since 2004 while Flipkart ventured only in 2007.whatsapp-compressed

We talk about WhatsApp being valued at $19 billion but before there were other messaging platforms as well which started at the same time as WhatsApp and were working almost on the same business model.

So more than the idea – it is the execution that matters.

Q: Any other specific thing that you want to share.

A: Follow your passion, success will automatically follow. If you are doing something by heart – success is guaranteed.

People like Jawed Habib are making millions just by running a Saloon. So success and money is there everywhere. You only have to follow your heart and believe in the power of your dreams.

Wrapping it up

One thing I and Karan Sir have in common is that we both started our websites in the finals of Chartered Accountancy. 🙂

I am sure you would have learned something new from this interview and would apply that. Because, as Karan Sir said in the interview that it is execution that matters.

From Orkut to Facebook and from zero likes to a well known community he is a successful internet entrepreneur.

If you liked the interview, do share it with your friends.

Have you ever implemented an idea of your own, whether small or big?

2 thoughts on “An Interview with Karan Batra – Founder of Chartered Club

  1. Sumit Swarnakar says:

    If you are using Tally 7.2 or 9.
    Then how to create a new VAT TAX RATE. (If the government changes the VAT rate from 5% to 7% and the new 7% rate is not in the database of tally then how to create that one.

    Do you know?

    • Rishit Shah says:

      Yep, Sumit. I do know.
      When a new rate or any modification in the existing statute is done by the government, Tally releases updates for the same.

      You have to download and install updates and new rate will be included in Tally.

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