Simple Tally Trick That Will Save Your 50% Of Time

Hi, I am Rishit Shah and this is the first ever video tutorial of Tally at TallySchool. I hope you will be going to love it for sure.

Today, I am going to share with you a simple Tally trick that will save you tonnes of time using Tally.

Trust me, it saved my time and most of my work has been completed in half of the time of what it usually takes.

Let’s say if you want to access multiple ledgers and at the same time you want to see the Balance Sheet of the same company.

What will you do?

You will come out of the multiple ledgers to the Gateway of Tally and go into the Balance Sheet. Then again move out of the Balance Sheet and go into the multiple ledgers.

This process of to and fro and back and forth will consume your much valuable time.

But then, there is a solution to every problem. This problem has a simple solution than you might have not thought about.

The more simple the solution, the better it is.

I will guide you in the following video about how you can use the trick easily in any version of Tally.

Watch the video and you’ll have the whole idea of what to do when you are stuck in a situation as I have elaborated above.

And even if you are not stuck in situation like that, you can still use this Simple Tally Trick.

Simple Tally Trick

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Please do leave a comment and share your experience after using this trick. I really want to know if this Tally Trick saved your time.

12 thoughts on “Simple Tally Trick That Will Save Your 50% Of Time

  1. SONAL SANGHVI says:

    hi rishit i had done the share purchase, sales entries with integrate accounts & inventory aas yes. Now I am facing a lot of problems. How do i change it to no this year (18-19) as suggested by you. (bringing forward the stock) Need your number if you dont mind

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