Tally Books with GST – 3 Books to learn Tally ERP 9 + 1 Hindi Tally Book

Tally ERP 9 Books with GST including Hindi Books

Talking about Tally.ERP 9 Books, it is true that books are a great way of increasing your knowledge base. There is an old saying,

“Books are our best friends. – School Teacher

And it is indeed very true. I read books and will never stop reading them until my death. For me books are the views and opinions of different people put together in a whole different point of view.

I don’t read novels more, instead I read informational books that benefits my own persona.

As of now if you are on this page, it is clearly evident that you want to know more about Tally and want to read some books on Tally.

And therefore I have listed down two of the very well known books on Tally.ERP 9 below.

Also, the two books that are listed are available online for purchasing so anyone from India can easily buy it.

One of the Tally books is in Hindi as well as English and other one is in English only.

As of this date, the latest version of Tally is Tally.ERP 9 so I have listed down Tally.ERP 9 books so that you get the most of it.

Official Guide to Financial Accounting using Tally.ERP 9 with GST

Tally ERP 9 GST Book
Tally ERP 9 GST Book

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This is a book you should buy if you want to learn Tally with latest GST Concepts including creating E-Way Bill in Tally.

This book also covers some more advanced concepts like:

This book is good for anyone trying to learn Tally from Basics of Accountancy to GST.

Tally ERP 9 with GST in Hindi

Tally ERP 9 with GST in Hindi
Tally ERP 9 with GST in Hindi

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This book has everything right from opening up tally to creating advanced transactions in Hindi. So, if you are looking to learn Tally in Hindi, this book is surely for you.

This book includes some of the following topics:

Tally Erp 9 (Power of Simplicity) – English

Tally.ERP 9 - Power of Simplicity

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The book at first explains the basic concepts of accounting along with the examples and then it moves on to explaining Tally.ERP 9.

Therefore, this book is good for a person who doesn’t know what accounting is because you can learn the concepts before you start learning Tally.

Majority of the topics are covered in this book like

  • Godowns, Stock Items,Ledgers, Payroll and so on.
  • Suitable examples are given for each and every topic for better understanding.

This book also explains the basics of Tally.NET which is explained by a very few books.

The book also contains a CD which has 25 video tutorials and explaining working in Tally.ERP 9.

Learn Tally.ERP 9 in 30 days (A handbook to teach you everything about Tally.ERP 9)

Learn Tally.ERP 9 in 30 days (A handbook to teach you everything about Tally.ERP 9)
Learn Tally.ERP 9 in 30 days (A handbook to teach you everything about Tally.ERP 9)

Buy on Amazon

This is a handbook in Tally ERP 9 with GST.

A handbook is for people who want to quick learn tally and therefore you can learn tally within 30 days from this book.

This book teaches you everything about tally despite of it being a handbook and it has pretty good reviews on Amazon as well.

If you have any problems or suggestions about the books, please comment down below and I’ll be more than happy to help you out.

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Tally ERP 9 Books with GST
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106 thoughts on “Tally Books with GST – 3 Books to learn Tally ERP 9 + 1 Hindi Tally Book

  1. kuldip singh lamba says:

    If I buy the book “Mastering Tally ERP 9” will I be able to work as accountant with a Show-Room, or I will have to attend online Training course.

  2. Indu says:

    Hi Rishit,

    I want to increase my knowledge in Tally. also want to know how tally erp 9 is different from tally 7.2 ,tally 9

  3. Uk says:

    Hello hitesh,
    I am too CA finalist, I want to know which book among these will help me to get thorough knowledge of tally.As we are pursing CA it is expected that we know this software quiet well, so do you suggest that I should get classes for this or your videos are enough. Also can you upload videos for auditing through tally..:)

    • Rishit Shah says:

      To get thorough knowledge of Tally, I would suggest you read Mastering Tally.ERP 9.

      For learning Tally, if you know all basics there is no need to go for classes. I am working on videos and will be uploading it soon.
      Thanks for your suggestions, Uk!

  4. Mohammed Nisath says:

    I need to know tally erp 9 full examples to use and to know full software. Any one pls help me.because I am searching accounts job.they were asking fully accounts related question.that time I got confused. Pls tell fully know about tally all steps and all category. Pls help me any one sweet friend.

  5. vikash says:

    hi rishit, liked a lot ur basic accounting course……waiting for 3rd video on this…..kindly let me know when r us publishing it….

  6. kush says:

    hye ,
    can you suggest some good book on tally which can in addition to theory knowledge provide some practical exposure too.

    • Rishit Shah says:

      Hi, Kush!
      I have a better solution for you than a book on practical exposure on Tally.

      Start entering your or your family’s daily transactions in Tally.
      You will have bills for the same, right.

      Start entering them in Tally and I am sure you will learn more than any other book on Tally. 🙂

  7. yagnik says:

    Hello Sir

    I want to become expert in tally and want to start my professional work. so how can i learn tally and can tally install in mobile too?Because i dont have my personal computer.

    • Rishit Shah says:

      Hi, Yagnik!

      You can become expert at Tally by learning Tally from TallySchool.
      After the free course, you will receive an email from me about premium DVD course from which you can become expert.

      Unfortunately, Tally is not available in mobile. 🙁

  8. mahesh says:

    Hi sir I want to be a accountant but I am not a graduate in commerce and employers are not giving me any chance to work in their organization so how can I become an accountant?

  9. hamsaveni. m.c says:

    sir i want tally erp 9 software for leaning purposes to gice traiing for poor students in education level so u will send link to my enail . say how long as i can use this software tn i want tally notes bssic level

  10. ashwini says:

    i want chiang in balance sheet balance
    example ass. yr. 2015-2016 my opening balance is 200000. this balance is carryforward to ass. year 2016-2017. then how to change 200000 this figure. i wanted this figure is 00.00

    • Rishit Shah says:

      Hi, Ashwini!

      You cannot change it. That’s impossible in Tally.

      You can pass an entry for spending the capital. That way it will be zero as you needed.
      The entry will be as follows:

      Capital A/c Dr
      To Cash A/c

      I hope this helps.

  11. Divya says:

    Hi Rishit
    I have just joined tally school 2 days back and i really appreciate your good work.. Your video tutorials are very helpful and amazing! Thank you so much for teaching tally in this simple way. 🙂
    Please suggest me a good book for tally which i should read first.

  12. sam says:

    Q. Enter the following purchase bill from M/s Nirma industries ltd A bas (bill n0 325/june)
    cash memo
    s. no particular qty rate amount
    1 nirma bath 2000pec 3.00 6000.00
    2 nirma super 4000pec 4.00 16000.00
    3 nirma powder 1000pec 8.00 8000.00
    gross total Rs 30000.00
    add packing exp 140.00
    add carriages 120.00
    Total Rs 30260.00
    Ans. plz

  13. Laxman Parmar says:

    Hello Mr. Rishit Shah,
    Good afternoon,

    I want to download Crack Tally version Can you please guide me how can i will do that.
    Laxman Parmar

  14. Chittaranjan Biswas says:

    I want to learn about Tally Erp.Which type of book will being purchase from market.Please suggest me.

    • Rishit Shah says:

      Hi, Naina!

      I do not have Tally exam demo.
      I am sorry, but you can try passing entries from any bill you have for things you have recently purchased.

      That will be a good exercise.

  15. NARAYANA REDDY P says:

    can you suggest some good book on tally which can in addition to theory knowledge provide some practical exposure too.

    • Rishit Shah says:

      Hi, Narayana!

      If you want to gain practical knowledge, I suggest you should start passing entries for the items which you have purchased in the last year.

      That will be the best kind of practical knowledge you would have.

    • Rishit Shah says:

      Hi, Malakanna!

      I am sorry but I do not know any book about Tally in Kannada.

      If anyone reading this comment knows about Tally books in Kannada, please comment here and let us know.

  16. Mauulik shah says:

    hi Ritesh, i want to know about share market accounting then which option is good for me your accounting course or your book. please guide,

  17. Prashant Kumar says:

    Hi Sir, Actually I want books which will provide questions for practice in tally, Please can you suggest some.

  18. nivetha says:

    hiiii rishit shah..
    am following your tally videos regularly. but one difficuty i face is that i need the videos in english since i dont have hindi knowledge. it would be of great help if i could get the videos in english.

  19. Manisha Khushlani says:

    hello sir, I am tallyACE basic learner and i already joined the classes for that but i get confused in doing journal entries. so can you please suggest me some books or pdf or anything for clearing my concept about passing journal entries in tally?

  20. Sarathy says:

    Great Job Mr Rishit , keep it up . I had learnt a lot by enrolling in Tally School. Kindly send me the link for purchasing DVD for the entire syllabus, if any e book available covering entire Tally syllabus.

    Thanks once again great job sir.


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